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How to ship us your movies, slides, and negatives.

Step 1

Label the tape(s). Affix a return address label to each tape. If mailing in multiple tapes, you can use the label area to number the tapes 1-n with a marker.

Step 2

Find a box (or padded envelope for a single tape).  If you are shipping 1-2 tapes, USPS 1st class mail is the way to go.  Use either USPS Flat Rate box or USPS Media Mail for 5 tapes or more.  Media Mail will be more cost effective, but it is slower and you have to provide the box.

Priority Mail is pricier, but it is faster and USPS provides the box for free! Make sure you get a Flat Rate Box (like the ones on the left), shipping Priority in a standard box can get expensive. Check for pricing info.

No post office nearby? No problem. We can provide a shipping label for a nominal fee. 

Just email us with your address and approximate shipping weight, and we’ll email you a USPS label you can print at home.

Step 3

Package it up

Complete the Mail-in order form and include it with the tapes. 

If you like, email us at to give us the heads-up that the package in on the way and include any additional instructions.

Step 4

Ship It. Mail the box/envelope to:

Lotus Media

4304 Lake Washington Blvd SE

Bellevue, WA 98006 

Thank you!! We’ll be in touch when the transfer has been completed with the total balance due