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Video and Photo Sampler
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Video Tapes

From Beta to Digital8 we have you covered.  Plus we can handle all regions (not just US), all for the same flat rate.

All videos are encoded in their native resolution of 640×480

Broken tape?  Not to worry, we offer tape repair for just $10 per tape.

8mm and Super8 Film Reels

Still have 8mm reels lying about the house?  No prob, we can help with those.  

Same easy to understand flat-rate pricing, this time based on 50 foot film segments.  In other words, a 3 inch reel (50ft) = 1 tape, a full 5 inch reel (200ft) = 4 tapes.

Please note that 8mm film transfer is video only (no audio).

Photos, Slides, and Negatives

Whether it’s an album, a shoe box, or a bin we all have some photos we’ve been hanging on to.  Trouble is, how can anyone enjoy them when they are in your attic?  We have top-notch scanners that will give you a chance to relive and share these great memories again.

A quick note on negatives and slides.  Our digitization process doesn’t enhance/clean-up the images, which some folks don’t love.  To be on the safe side, our suggestion is to start with a few slides (or negative film strips) to ensure you are happy with the results before pulling the trigger on the entire archive.

A note on resolution.  All pricing is based on 600dpi resolution.  1200 dpi resolution scanning is available for standard photos for an additional $.50/image.

Photos, slides, and negatives


Got camcorder DVDs?  We can extract video from them as well without any loss to the original video quality!

Please note that our pricing applies to single-sided, finalized (aka machine-playable) discs.  If the DVDs aren’t finalized, we can still extract the video, however a $10 Data Extraction fee will be added.

Audio Tapes

Audio tape recordings lose their fidelity over time. Digitize your tapes to preserve their optimal quality for years to come.

We can digitize standard audio tapes, mini, micro, and even DAT (digital audio tapes) as well as reel-to-reel recordings.