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Video and Audio Digitization Pricing

We offer the same flat pricing for all media types, and offer volume discounts for large orders, so the more you digitize the more you save.  All prices are before tax. 


Pricing is based on total tapes/discs, and includes up to 2 hours of footage per tape.  Tapes longer than 2 hours are billed at $9 per additional 2 hour segment.  Pricing applies to all formats such as Beta and U-Matic, and all regions such as PAL and SECAM. Pricing for professional grade tape formats (HDV, DVCam, DVCAm Pro, BetaCam, BetaCam SP, BetaCam Digital, and D5) is 1.5x the rates below.

8mm and Super 8 Film

Film digitization pricing is based on 50ft of film (3 inch reels), which is roughly 3 mins of video.  Larger reels count as multiple tapes.  Example: a 5 inch reel can hold 200 feet of film, and will count as four tapes.


The pricing below is for single-sided finalized (aka machine-playable discs).  Non-finalized DVD are subject to an additional $10 Date Recovery fee per non-playable disc.

Standard $15/tape

  • No minimums
  • Covers up to 2 hours of video for tapes (or 50ft of 8mm film)
  • Cloud Delivery included!

Mid-Size $12/tape

  • Minimum order size: 10 tapes
  • Does NOT include Delivery.


  • Minimum order size: 20 tapes
  • Does NOT include delivery.


  • Minimum order size: 50 tapes
  • Does NOT include delivery.
  • Lifetime Back-up strongly recommended
  • Self-provided USB/HDD recommended

Photo, Slides, and Negatives Digitization Pricing

Image digitization pricing is for 600dpi resolution for standard size photos ranging form 2.5×3.5 (wallet size) up to 8.5×11

Image Digitization Upgrades

1,200dpi (available for standard size photos only) +$.50 per image

Non-standard Photo Size +$1 per image

Full Page Scans (up to 17×11.8in) $2 per image

Oversize Page Scans (over 17×11.8in) $5 per image

Photo Extraction from album +$1 per page


  • No minimums
  • Covers digitization of standard size images at 600 dpi
  • Cloud Delivery included!


  • Minimum order size: 50 images
  • Cloud Delivery included!


  • Minimum order size: 100 images
  • Cloud Delivery included!


  • Minimum order size: 300 images
  • Cloud Delivery included!

Delivery Options and Add-Ons

Media Delivery

Cloud Delivery
$10 per 10 tapes

Complimentary on orders of under 10 tapes. All files delivered via Google Drive, and will be available for 30 days.

Flash Drive Purchase*
$15 per 10 tapes

Price includes return shipping of USB. A good option for larger orders (10+ tapes).

Self-Provided USB Drive/HDD*
$5 per 10 tapes

Supply your own USB 3.0 drive or HDD, and we'll load it up for just $5 per 10 tapes.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Rush Processing

Rush Processing
+$3 per tape (or 25 photos)

Standard Processing is 10 business days. Get your files in just 2 days with Rush Processing.

Lifetime backup

Lifetime Back-up
+$1 per tape (or 25 photos)

Rest easy knowing your digital media is permanently backed-up in our data center. Restore your files any time, just pay the Media Delivery fee.


$5 per tape

Get machine-playable DVDs for just $5 per tape. Each disc holds up to 2 hours of footage.



All media is retained for 30 days in case you change your mind, and would like it sent back.

Economy Return
$5 + $.50/tape

8-12 Business Days

Priority Return
$10 + $1/tape

3-4 Business Days

*A return shipping fee of $5 to cover the postage for flash drive and/or DVDs applies to “Recycle” orders. The fee is waived for “Economy” and “Priority” shipping orders.

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