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There are several companies out there providing transfer services, and the information can be overwhelming. Below are the four main reasons our customers say Lotus Media is best choice when it comes to preserving their family’s memories.

Experienced Technicians

Our customers rave about our ability to digitize film and videos they thought were gone forever. Our skilled technicians are able to splice and repair tapes other companies turn away. 

Save yourself the headache of dealing with companies that can’t encode media unless its in prefect shape – most of these recordings are over 20 years old, things happen!

Made in the USA

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All of the processing is done at our labs in Bellevue, WA, NOT shipped to India or China to save a few bucks on labor.

This allows us to process most orders in just 10 business days (2-3 Business Days with Rush Processing), and saves you the frustration of waiting for months for your order to be ready.

Affordable Pricing

But what about cost? I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the service.

In 2024, the cost to digitize 20 tapes with a large processor was around $700, which comes to $35/tape.

Compare that to just $250 at Lotus Media ($12.50/ tape), a screaming deal. 

Up to $450 in savings plus peace of mind that your media will be processed by US-based, experienced technicians. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

Focus on Sustainability


At Lotus Media our commitment to sustainability is all about making green choices with a splash of innovation.

Solar power supplies 100% of the electricity used by our labs and facilities. We re-use packaging saving trees and cutting down on clutter. We invested in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure, and plan to upgrade our courier vehicle fleet to EVs. We work with Republic Services, our local waste disposal company to ensure digitized media and broken equipment is properly recycled to minimize our carbon footprint.

These creative solutions not only boost business efficiency but also help make the world a greener place. At Lotus Media, we believe even small businesses can make a big splash in sustainability while making the world a better place for our children.

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    Media Return

    But what about cost? Surely using a boutique lab like Lotus Media will cost more.

    Turns out not so much. After all the add-ons, the cost to digitize 20 tapes with a large processors is $365 (even after 50% off coupon).

    Compare that to just $250 at Lotus Media. That’s $115 savings plus peace of mind that your media will be processed by experienced technicians. Sounds like a no-brainer to us, we look forward to helping you with your project!